Brenda Ngusaru ,a returning writer is a young Tanzanian who is passionate about contributing to the rising African Economy by improving the quality of the  people produced in the continent of Africa. Enjoy!

A tornado is a twister of violent air that only turns deadly when it has picked up debris from the environment it encounters. Isaiah 54:17 tells us that the things fighting us are designed specifically for us. They are specially catered to target the attributes placed within us to assist us to fulfill our purpose. These arguments often come up as violent tornadoes in our lives and only turn dangerous when they pick up any attributes that have not been grounded in our lives and whirl and twirl them to cause chaos for us. Continue reading


Najma Juma is a media entrepreneur. She’s the founder of she’s bold blog and radio show aired on online platforms such as Afro radio network.She has developed a sense of self worth and strength due to the experiences she went through both professionally and socially. She writes and recite poems for seeking change and wisdom. Her philosophy and taste is about the modern patriotism which is nothing but an individual sense of individual responsibility.She seeks to empower young generation to believe in themselves and discover their inner journey in becoming confident,since change begins when we are informed and take bold actions.She also participated in many local and international projects to impact her community. Najma is a holder of Bachelor of Arts in Law enforcement(2015).

The state when no thought crosses your mind. It is the ultimate place for self-realization. Have you experienced a situation where the only thing you hear is your breath, you feel like you’re a new creature, and you can’t recall your titles or degree. Continue reading


Heavencia Nyange is her name, but She prefers to be called Precious in social environments.Precious is a Teacher(currently teaching at Alpha High School), a trainer and Youth Counselor; she’s a graduate from UDSM (University of Dar Es Salaam).  Her passion for the youth and leadership abilities were revealed by Mission to Youth and Students (New Life Band) that is based in Arusha. They exposed her to different leadership tasks from the age of 15 and she is a volunteer in that organization to date.She enjoys working around words as she believes that is where the antidote of the matters of the mind and heart are hidden.  She is a Co-founder of  the Principled Princess Initiative that aims to provide the girl child with information and coaching that will nurture them into responsible and Godly women.

Speak Responsibly!

Majority of us at one point in life were hit by words that somehow broke us, left us vulnerable and thought we would never recover. The replay of those words in our minds won our tears countless times and with time those words turned into a poison that was corroding our being like cancerous cell in the body of its victim. Whether they came as a joke, pun, comment or sarcasm they were like a sharp knife on a tender flesh—they cut so deep. Continue reading


Jonathan Ndali is a young energetic and vibrant personnel, He is the General Manager at Learning & Discover Africa Ltd (LAND AFRICA). A motivational speaker, leadership trainer, Master of Ceremony (MC) and author of the book entitled ‘The Diplomat in You’ and Co-author of ‘Imagine Africa’.Be Encouraged!

On 28th of April, 2016 at around 7.45pm, I was involved a fatal accident that almost left me dead. I was on a motorbike and a speeding lorry hit the bike on the right side. My right leg was broken four (4) times. My left leg was pierced by a sharp metal which left two deep-cut wounds by the calf muscles. I had bruises on my back and my head swollen and bruised in the middle. I lost a lot of blood and was getting unconscious and passing out. I was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and later admitted at the Agakhan Hospital. I went through four major surgeries and people had to donate blood for me to live. Continue reading


When he is not on stage hosting one of Tanzania’s biggest Youth Event: Jeans and T-Shirt , Lee Bananuka works for TV1 Tanzania as a Business Development Manager. He is Upbeat and extremely Intelligent,a lover of Coffee and People.Enjoy!


 Time means something completely different to God than it does to you and I.When we say that something will happen in time, we mean in minutes, hours, days, years and so on. But God cannot be bound by that way of measuring time. Continue reading

The purpose within

Brenda Ngusaru is a young Tanzanian who is passionate about contributing to the rising African Economy by improving the quality of the  people produced in the continent of Africa. She enjoys providing hospitality to others, problem solving, outdoor activities, reading and pretty much anything to do with the performing arts.A firm believer in the power of purpose to define Life Brenda attends House of Bread Church.Enjoy!

It is by purpose that you were created to accomplish a purpose. At the center of who you are lies this purpose as explained to us in Jeremiah 1:5. And as we were knit in our mother’s womb as testified in Psalm 139:13, everything about us was being put together to complement this purpose. It’s the principle of creation. Continue reading

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Our First Article is by the Founder of Rising Bongo ; Bonolo Angie Bananuka. Enjoy!

I am not much of a chess player but from watching the Masters of the game, it goes without saying that Chess requires great focus. One cannot simply make a move without seeing the bigger picture or even without a calculated plan. The idea is to make consistent purposeful moves to bring you to Victory. Continue reading