Consolata Shayo is an undergraduate student pursing her degree of medicine at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University. Consolata has been a leader from a very young age, she has volunteered with the Tanzania Youth Alliance and the Rotary club Tanzania. Currently she is  the National youth secretary of Tanzania Girl Guides Association (TGGA) with the urge to see many young women emerging as great leaders in the society and nation at large. Enjoy!!

Behind the scene there are a lot of unspoken words,
The part of the Story untold to the crowd. Continue reading



Benard Bernard Kalinga, is a medical student and a Poet. He also volunteers at Management and Development for Health (MDH). A lover of Art,Bernard is also passionate about learning.He currently  worships at Ubungo Christian Center (UCC).Enjoy!

Believe in this,
The blood in your veins,
And the heart inside your chest

Believe in this,
The dreams that feels small like a grain,
Believe and never let them rest, Continue reading