Brenda Ngusaru ,a returning writer is a young Tanzanian who is passionate about contributing to the rising African Economy by improving the quality of the  people produced in the continent of Africa. Enjoy!

A tornado is a twister of violent air that only turns deadly when it has picked up debris from the environment it encounters. Isaiah 54:17 tells us that the things fighting us are designed specifically for us. They are specially catered to target the attributes placed within us to assist us to fulfill our purpose. These arguments often come up as violent tornadoes in our lives and only turn dangerous when they pick up any attributes that have not been grounded in our lives and whirl and twirl them to cause chaos for us.

Growing up I have always had a serious passion and sense for justice. No matter what the case was justice had to be served! Any injustice was a sign for me to saddle up and go to war. Often this would lead me into very complex situations despite it being an attribute I was given to assist me achieve my purpose. Not every battle is to be fought. In the Old Testament there was a time that Kings would go to war. Israel never went to war without consulting God first and even King David did not go to war in 1 Chronicles 12:32 without the sons of Issachar who had an understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do. No one should operate their attributes without knowledge of the times, the season and especially without the go ahead from God.

The safest place to hide during a tornado is an underground cell or as close to the foundation as possible.

When life’s tornadoes hit, what you are founded on and how close you are to your foundation will really matter.

Matthew 7:24 indicates that it is wisdom to build our lives upon the foundation of the word of God. And then like Psalm 1:3 you shall be like a tree planted by the waters. The consequences of not having a proper foundation is that the building is easily destroyed at the face of any disaster, it doesn’t take much to bring it down. Where you will have to spend more time working on the foundation where as if there is a solid foundation already in existence it is much easier to erect the building once more. In the same way if you lack the right foundation it will not take much to bring you down especially when life’s tornadoes hit. After the tornado you will have to spend more time building your foundation before rising up again as oppose to someone who has the right foundation who just has to focus on rising up again.

The safest place to be during a tornado is at the heart, the center of the tornado. The eye. In the eye there is a profound stillness; peace and the chaos from outside cannot get in. When violent situations hit your life and the attributes placed in you to help you achieve your purpose are what are putting your life in danger. That is the best time to focus on the center of who you are, your purpose. You see first came your purpose then you.

With your purpose comes provision, direction, communication with God and much more.

When you focus on your purpose, God HAS to excessively provide in all aspects for His project. You become the project manager. And there is peace and comfort knowing you don’t have to hustle, cater and fight for certain accomplishments in your life. That God is going to provide the best resources for His project.

Love B.N


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