Consolata Shayo is an undergraduate student pursing her degree of medicine at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University. Consolata has been a leader from a very young age, she has volunteered with the Tanzania Youth Alliance and the Rotary club Tanzania. Currently she is  the National youth secretary of Tanzania Girl Guides Association (TGGA) with the urge to see many young women emerging as great leaders in the society and nation at large. Consolata worships at Victory Christian Center Tabernacle(VCCT) .


Even when it looks dark,
Darkness shall not be its work.
In the thought of the skylight,
It shall remain brighter than illuminated light. Continue reading




Brenda Ngusaru ,a returning writer is a young Tanzanian who is passionate about contributing to the rising African Economy by improving the quality of the  people produced in the continent of Africa. Enjoy!

A tornado is a twister of violent air that only turns deadly when it has picked up debris from the environment it encounters. Isaiah 54:17 tells us that the things fighting us are designed specifically for us. They are specially catered to target the attributes placed within us to assist us to fulfill our purpose. These arguments often come up as violent tornadoes in our lives and only turn dangerous when they pick up any attributes that have not been grounded in our lives and whirl and twirl them to cause chaos for us. Continue reading