Keziah Elaine Ayikoru, a returning writer is a Ugandan poet, singer, fashion designer and graduate architect. She is also an alumnus of  the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Centre of East Africa. Enjoy!

So what are we?

That buttermilk fit of emotion

Frothing and beautifully rising…

Culminating in a sense of euphoria

Or the black pepper anger

Poured in maximum quantities

Dulling our senses

Are we our bones?

The structure that holds us together

Helps us stand and not crumble

The skeleton of flesh

Curved out with ingenuity

From the day of inception

Are we our senses?

The five that we know

Sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing

On which we rely for perception and direction

Are we our blood?

The oxygen-filled red that flows in our veins

Giving our hearts substance for beating

Regulating our breath

Are we our possessions?

The things that give a sense of security

Cars, houses, money

The pretty, flashy and dashing items

Intricate beings

Floating in shallow waters

Not swimming in the deep

Not standing with mountains

If flesh gives birth to flesh

Shouldn’t spirit give birth to spirit?

We are not our skin

Neither it’s tone nor texture

We are not our lips

Not its words, nor movement

Our very substance is more than we think we know

Our truest nature is beyond this surface

We are, we are, we are

Love  K.E.A


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