Najma Juma is a media entrepreneur. She’s the founder of she’s bold blog and radio show aired on online platforms such as Afro radio network.She has developed a sense of self worth and strength due to the experiences she went through both professionally and socially. She writes and recite poems for seeking change and wisdom. Her philosophy and taste is about the modern patriotism which is nothing but an individual sense of individual responsibility.She seeks to empower young generation to believe in themselves and discover their inner journey in becoming confident,since change begins when we are informed and take bold actions.She also participated in many local and international projects to impact her community. Najma is a holder of Bachelor of Arts in Law enforcement(2015).

The state when no thought crosses your mind. It is the ultimate place for self-realization. Have you experienced a situation where the only thing you hear is your breath, you feel like you’re a new creature, and you can’t recall your titles or degree. This experience also happens when you look yourself into a mirror, you see someone else beyond your body and face, and there your mind begins to wonder, to ask questions about the body it sees, this is a point of building and as well of destruction. Your senses become so alerted to grasp whatever you tell it, and it believes.

I believe there is something more about life, not education, not money, not wealth, not fame or name.

 The definition of true life is when you live your breath, you live what comes from inside and not what happens outside. Maybe what you want to do or you want to be is not existing yet, will you die hard? Or introduce it outside?

I have been in a situation where I could not define my future career, combination or specifications regardless of my bachelor degree, experience and knowledge because my patterns do not exist yet, unless I start. These patterns are like doctor, teacher, lawyer etc.

What I want to be, to do, is not really something that someone somewhere is doing it exactly like me. I also don’t know all of it, but I realized every day I am becoming complex, because I listen and read more about what comes with my breath than what everybody else is doing. Sometimes I ignore the rules just to do what comes from the inside.

See this example, do you know there are people who have earned a doctorate degree but they have never sat in class for it? The University of Dar es Salaam (2013) awarded an honorary degree, better known in academic lingo as honoris causa, to a prominent Kenyan writer activist, Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o, for his outstanding contribution to African literature. The writings of Ngugi are influenced by his experience in the post-colonial era in his country, Kenya. In 2015 BET introduced The International Global Good awards and awarded Millen Magese, for  her humanitarian efforts; especially her campaign to raise awareness for Endometriosis in Africa. From recruiting others to help in her vision to starting up campaigns like #ManyFacesofEndo and events to spread the word, Millen has gone the extra mile in ensuring that more Africans are aware of this health issue – one she is dealing with herself.

My point is to prove this, we must do what comes from the inside and this will create new avenue and patterns in the outside world. Many of us go outside to find what can match with what is inside.

 There are so many writers in Kenya who write about post-colonial issues but why Ngugi wa Thiong’o stands out? I would say his experience, he touched what he is trying to write. There many reporters and writers in the world who wrote about endometriosis but when the victim rose her voice everyone noticed.

I have found my place, and I am creating the path now, it is not easy but always worthwhile and worth living for. Take time to seek the stillness of thought and figure what is it that you want to see in your world, how can you do it? The impact of this is what you will be remembered for. What you have inside is your mark, take it outside and experience yourself before it’s too late.

Love; N.J.



  1. “…because my patterns do not exist yet, unless I start.”
    That is so true Najma!
    How in the world does one create a pattern if they don’t even start the pattern?
    That phrase confirmed something i had a question about before. Thank you!

    One more thing Najma– She’s Bold! is an amazing Blog- keep the fire burning!
    If you think it- you can do it!
    Great work!


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