Janeth Kissiri is passionate about anything that involves Art. She loves writing,reading and drawing.She is crazy about exploring new ideas and trying new things as well as creating them. Janeth is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at University of Dar Es Salaam . At the heart of it all She loves to express God’s creativity in Artistic Ways.She currently fellowships at House of Bread, Church.Enjoy!

Dear daughter I would love for you to read this someday;
I urge you to love your shoes.
Love them because your shoes will take you to good places.

 Dear daughter, whenever you look down it should be to admire your shoes
not because life has beaten you to your knees.
The higher the heel the faster you can reach to your dreams,
The higher the heel the best view of your crown
To me you are a Princess but a Queen to the world, your major task is to protect your King.

Dear daughter, a Queen’s shoe must be clean, neat and presentable all the time.
Be aware of where you will take your shoes.
God has given you the best shoes so that you can conquer the world, so that you can step into places you never thought because that’s your origin.

Dear daughter, until this moment I still have all my shoes.
All that I wore in times of battle, ceremonies, during climbing mountains in all circumstances and all sorts of environments.
I still remember what type of shoe I wore and why I wore those shoes.
The best memory is that I NEVER WALKED Bare Footed.



One thought on “SHOES

  1. i am going to be really honest Janeth.
    i read your poem for the first time, and i was like, ” This lady is so creative!”
    your poem made me think what you meant by shoes, and that is exactly why i loved it- “it made me think!”
    it arose curiosity in me.
    its a beautiful piece.


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