Keziah Elaine Ayikoru, a returning writer is a Ugandan poet, singer, fashion designer and graduate architect. She is also an alumnus of  the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Centre of East Africa. Enjoy!

So what are we?

That buttermilk fit of emotion

Frothing and beautifully rising…

Culminating in a sense of euphoria

Or the black pepper anger

Poured in maximum quantities

Dulling our senses Continue reading



Born Emmanuel Andrew Mkumbwa, Elandre is a young Rap/trap artist with an unquenchable passion for God and Music. A Tanzanian but raised in Gaborone, Botswana Elandre’s musical journey began in 2007 when he recorded his first single “Keep Moving”. Since then Elandre has been featured on numerous tracks such as “This is My Year” by Gee &Seth and another title track on the late Mac Elvis’s album “Church Boy”. Continue reading


Najma Juma is a media entrepreneur. She’s the founder of she’s bold blog and radio show aired on online platforms such as Afro radio network.She has developed a sense of self worth and strength due to the experiences she went through both professionally and socially. She writes and recite poems for seeking change and wisdom. Her philosophy and taste is about the modern patriotism which is nothing but an individual sense of individual responsibility.She seeks to empower young generation to believe in themselves and discover their inner journey in becoming confident,since change begins when we are informed and take bold actions.She also participated in many local and international projects to impact her community. Najma is a holder of Bachelor of Arts in Law enforcement(2015).

The state when no thought crosses your mind. It is the ultimate place for self-realization. Have you experienced a situation where the only thing you hear is your breath, you feel like you’re a new creature, and you can’t recall your titles or degree. Continue reading


Janeth Kissiri is passionate about anything that involves Art. She loves writing,reading and drawing.She is crazy about exploring new ideas and trying new things as well as creating them. Janeth is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at University of Dar Es Salaam . At the heart of it all She loves to express God’s creativity in Artistic Ways.She currently fellowships at House of Bread, Church.Enjoy!

Dear daughter I would love for you to read this someday;
I urge you to love your shoes.
Love them because your shoes will take you to good places. Continue reading