Benard Bernard Kalinga, is a medical student and a Poet. He also volunteers at Management and Development for Health (MDH). A lover of Art,Bernard is also passionate about learning.He currently  worships at Ubungo Christian Center (UCC).Enjoy!

With good intentions,
Let’s watch it die,
Burn our smoke to the heavens,
From machine’s roaring so loud,
Sever the oceans,
And all that dwells inside,
And good intentions,
Let’s weep with a smile,

With good intentions,
Let us count our grace,
Its all about profit to us,
So let’s keep up the pace,
Kill all the forests and trees,
Just so we can have money for a change,
With all good intentions,
Let’s forsake tomorrow for today,

Don’t get me wrong,
Am all for that capitalism schemes,
Its all about survival,
So don’t waste a moment, not a bit,
If the earth gets warmer,
That’s why we invented AC’s
With all good intentions,
Let’s be men by all means,

With all good intentions,
Mother nature can take care of her own,
She’s always been here,
A billion years and may be more,
Why help her get on her feet,
When our years are running low,
By all means,
Let’s take from her what she owns,

With all good intentions,
Life is all but too short,
We got the tech to save us,
Escape to mars and what not,
Why stress about the floods and crops that fail to grow,
We can cheat nature, print meals and grow spurts,

By all means let’s live like fools,
Forget the science because the world is just me and you,
“Its not our problem” if some creature won’t live to see the next full moon,
Let’s drink wine and celebrate our alternative truth,

With all good intentions,
Let this message hit your ear,
If this had ever crossed your mind then better listen my dear,
The earth is home, food and shelter that you need not seek because its already here,
Don’t tempt to waste today,
For tomorrow that might never be there.

Love, BBK



  1. it’s really amazing how poets find a way to fix poems in such a fashion. i don’t know what you did with your poem Benard, but it is pleasing. You never want to stop there! i know there is more in you- way way more! you don’t believe me? Read Brenda’s first article on Purpose- she helped me understand that i shouldn’t lean on the understanding i have of myself.
    but man, this is great work! Bravo!


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