Lillian Jane Nyagwa is a multi-talented young lady; A poetess, a fashion designer and stylist, an Interior designer with a Great passion for  the Education Sector of Tanzania.She believes the World needs everybody to play their part in molding it.She is driven by her desire to be a solution to society ,Enjoy!

Your life within your hands it lies,

Holding on to the sheets only ends  with cries,

Stumble and fall but keep rolling the dice,

Cause victory starts from below the lines.

Knowing what crosses minds,

Knowing what changes kinds,

Knowing you got   the face to grind,

Breakthrough comes with finds.

Can not’s pull one back,

Do not’s destroy your grain sack,

Will not’s are selfish to your future grand snack,

Abandon the not’s and start to crack.

Count for now,

Upgrade the low,

Fasten the slow,

Straight up from below.



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