Benard Bernard Kalinga, is a medical student and a Poet. He also volunteers at Management and Development for Health (MDH). A lover of Art,Bernard is also passionate about learning.He currently  worships at Ubungo Christian Center (UCC).Enjoy!

With good intentions,
Let’s watch it die,
Burn our smoke to the heavens,
From machine’s roaring so loud,
Sever the oceans,
And all that dwells inside,
And good intentions,
Let’s weep with a smile, Continue reading



Lillian Jane Nyagwa is a multi-talented young lady; A poetess, a fashion designer and stylist, an Interior designer with a Great passion for  the Education Sector of Tanzania.She believes the World needs everybody to play their part in molding it.She is driven by her desire to be a solution to society ,Enjoy!

Your life within your hands it lies,

Holding on to the sheets only ends  with cries,

Stumble and fall but keep rolling the dice,

Cause victory starts from below the lines. Continue reading