Heavencia Nyange is her name, but She prefers to be called Precious in social environments.Precious is a Teacher(currently teaching at Alpha High School), a trainer and Youth Counselor; she’s a graduate from UDSM (University of Dar Es Salaam).  Her passion for the youth and leadership abilities were revealed by Mission to Youth and Students (New Life Band) that is based in Arusha. They exposed her to different leadership tasks from the age of 15 and she is a volunteer in that organization to date.She enjoys working around words as she believes that is where the antidote of the matters of the mind and heart are hidden.  She is a Co-founder of  the Principled Princess Initiative that aims to provide the girl child with information and coaching that will nurture them into responsible and Godly women.

Speak Responsibly!

Majority of us at one point in life were hit by words that somehow broke us, left us vulnerable and thought we would never recover. The replay of those words in our minds won our tears countless times and with time those words turned into a poison that was corroding our being like cancerous cell in the body of its victim. Whether they came as a joke, pun, comment or sarcasm they were like a sharp knife on a tender flesh—they cut so deep.

We have heard enough of drinking responsibly but it’s a time that as youths we focused on the greatest killer of dreams and hope—words. What if we started speaking responsibly? Not spitting blunt words without caring about the effect they might have on its receivers.

What if we started by analyzing the possible effects of our words before sending them, then only to realize they have destroyed a friend?

After many years of studying the power of words I have come to conclude that a soft message sinks deeper than any sarcastic phrase could ever do. It’s sad that the societal norms have taught us that the harder the message, the quicker it’s understood; that’s why you find parents, teachers or guardians who can never send their messages without yelling. It’s like we believe that louder the voice, the clearer the message while the truth is, loud voice reduces the volume of your message.

If you want to send a message, no matter how hard or serious your message is supposed to be, ask yourself, “How would you love the same message to be sent to you?” then do it that way. Never attach any insolence to your message; your motive should be to heal not to kill.

Jesus was a master of parables but look at the motive behind His message. He showed compassion to those who were broken to the extent of being refereed as a lover of the sinners. How could the holy one embrace the sinners? It’s not like He entertained them, we know of places where He rebuked them.  For instance He rebuked Peter saying “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” – Matthew 16:23 NIV.  It’s easy to think Jesus was so rude, He called Peter Satan! But look at Jesus’ words again, He mentioned what Peter’s words did to Him – You are a stumbling block to me; and where the problem was — you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.  This is to say Jesus’ word cut Peter, but this kind of cutting meant to deliver Peter’s mind, not to shatter him.

This is what we are supposed to do with our words, if they are to cut let them leave our listeners better than they found them. Like how an experienced surgeon would operate on his patient. The world is full of pain that humanity is striving to heal from; there is no need to add it through your words. Be a reason for someone to have a better day. If someone is to remember you, let them remember you for the life you added into their being through your words not for the life you sucked out of them through the same words.

Your words have the power to create, what do you create?

You have a chance to leave a mark in someone’s heart through your words, what mark are you going to leave?

If you really have to use your words to cut; cut to heal not to kill.

Yours H.N


One thought on “CUT TO HEAL NOT TO KILL

  1. If you really have to use your words to cut; cut to heal not to kill.

    what do i think? well, Precious, you have just written on the most powerful principle ever. that principle is the core of Human relations. “cut to heal-not to kill” that takes skill!!
    Thank you for the time you took helping me grow.
    looking forward to read more of your articles.


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