Keziah Elaine Ayikoru
is a Ugandan poet, singer, fashion designer and graduate architect. She juggles these fields as she strives to make seamless connections in all she does.She has presented her poetry at different poetry platforms both in Uganda and Tanzania and has been part of poetry groups such as La Poetista in Tanzania and Lantern Meet of Poets in Uganda. She also founded Noisy Pens in Dar es Salaam, which was a forum for sharing and improving poetry through meetings and recitals.She is the founder and designer of Kea Apparel, an East African clothing brand that started in January 2015.

We are people
Reaching out to people
One touch at a time
One story at a time

Passionately living in the word of our testimony
Overcoming by the blood of the lamb
Fanning gifts into flame
Keeping them alive

Breathing salvation
Speaking life
Sharing our well of truth
Walking in the path of our commission

Above the waters
Beyond the borders
Past the skies

In Him
With Him
Through Him

Freely giving for He freely gave
Daily dying to daily rise in Christ

From the mountains of Tanzania
To the rest of the earth
Hear our heartbeat
Listen to our song

Like the eagle
We are rising…
Rising Bongo.



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