The purpose within

Brenda Ngusaru is a young Tanzanian who is passionate about contributing to the rising African Economy by improving the quality of the  people produced in the continent of Africa. She enjoys providing hospitality to others, problem solving, outdoor activities, reading and pretty much anything to do with the performing arts.A firm believer in the power of purpose to define Life Brenda attends House of Bread Church.Enjoy!

It is by purpose that you were created to accomplish a purpose. At the center of who you are lies this purpose as explained to us in Jeremiah 1:5. And as we were knit in our mother’s womb as testified in Psalm 139:13, everything about us was being put together to complement this purpose. It’s the principle of creation.

When Thomas Edison et al were working on their invention they never perused the final result, the light bulb. Edison et al consistently perused their purpose, which was the illumination of light. In their pursuit of the purpose – to illuminate light, they would have never placed anything in their invention that would hinder the illumination of light.

God followed the very same principle when He was creating you. God would not place anything in you that would obstruct or hinder you from illuminating the light within you, from achieving your purpose. This means that everything that you need for your success is not externally within your reach but internally placed in you from the foundations of the earth. All things you appreciate or don’t, your strengths, weaknesses, positive and negative attributes were thoughtfully and strategically placed within you to assist you to accomplish the purpose only you out of the seven billion people on earth, out of all creation was ordained to accomplish.

The situation that you are currently facing is not even enough to obstruct your purpose or hinder your light from being illuminated.

God is all knowing and from the foundations of the earth knew that your purpose would face this situation yet He still allowed you on the same path despite knowing that your purpose would face this because He has already placed everything your purpose need to overcome this situation within you. If this situation would have killed your purpose, God would have prevented your purpose from facing it from the foundations of the earth.

You are not a mistake so you should not envy because it is the last of the ten commandments but because what we are coveting in someone else would not be useful in assisting with our purpose and could possibly even be a hindrance to our purpose had it been placed in us. Relax, God knows what He is doing and knew what He was doing when He was calling together the attributes to assist the fulfillment of the purpose within you.

When Proverbs 3:5 tells us not to lean on our own understanding, this also goes with how we look upon ourselves. Don’t lean on your own understanding with your body type, your height, your weight, your characteristic etc because even they are there to help illuminate this light, this purpose. Don’t take them lightly.

So when things look exactly like a mess remember, you are not a mistake, everything about you is not a mistake so stop treating yourself as one.

You are a purpose, made on purpose to accomplish a purpose. Live to embrace it!

With Love,BN


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