CHECKMATE: Rising Bongo is here!

Our First Article is by the Founder of Rising Bongo ; Bonolo Angie Bananuka. Enjoy!

I am not much of a chess player but from watching the Masters of the game, it goes without saying that Chess requires great focus. One cannot simply make a move without seeing the bigger picture or even without a calculated plan. The idea is to make consistent purposeful moves to bring you to Victory.

I imagine God to be the same; in His vast plan of Creation. Carefully placing every creeping thing, every seed bearing tree in its place, separating Water-beneath-Heaven with every purpose already laid out. Carving into heavens sky; bodies of light to mark seasons, years, day and night. Swarming the ocean with fish and all sea life.

He suddenly moves back to view the chess board that is the Earth with all its fullness and beauty, A smile across His face, He envisions the PERFECT MOVE, YOU.

Intricately woven, carrying the breath of His Spirit to execute Dominion over all He has made. He breathes life into your clay temple as the bones within you take form and strength.

He then goes on to place treasures within you-equipping you to unleash dominion on earth. He locks up inside you secrets and wisdom to unlock the wealth Vaults of the Earth.A heart of worship at the center of it all, giving you access to the depths of His presence. You, the only living creature that has the ability to carry his Spirit and call Him Abba.

At this point havoc wreaks through the camp of His opponent, who is searching frantically in his hat for the next move to stop the GREAT I AM in His tracks.Behold from right under the opponent’s nose comes the biggest disruption to every tactic of the enemy: You Spring forth!

The Master of the Universe reclines in His seat with great delight on His face, looks His opponent in the eye and says CHECKMATE!

The game is over and won, the only question that remains is: Do you really know that you are God’s CHECKMATE, His ultimate move to victory? In His plan of creation you are the ultimate solution. You are God’s Purpose.

Of all the people that walk the face of the earth there are problems that only you can solve because God deliberately locked up inside of you all the keys, treasure and wisdom required to solve that problem. Then He told Creation about you that’s why it is earnestly awaiting your manifestation. Creation is waiting eagerly for you to unleash what is inside you because when you do, it will also fulfill its entire purpose.

There are things no eye has seen and no ear has heard that only you can bring forth.

As RISING BONGO takes it’s baby steps in Tanzania, we are equally excited to share in the discovery of the gifts that God has placed in you. That’s why we exist: To fan into flame the gifts in you: (2 Timothy 1:6). If you are yet to discover those hidden treasures we are here to help you and if you have discovered them and you would like to Share them, we are also here for you. I am excited about the journey ahead and with that I say:

Rising Bongo is here, CHECKMATE!

With Love ,B.A.B


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